Thursday, December 6, 2012


November 13, 2012
Dear Mrs. Jeffrey and Mrs. Reynolds,

                I think that both of our class rooms should have a class pet. We would open up a little space in the back of our room so he or she would not disturb students. I think our classes would benefit from having a class pet because it would teach us responsibility .Students could have a classroom job to help take care of the pet. And it would teach us how to feed a animal and clean he or she`s cage and give the pet water. The environment is a kitten.
                The classroom job is one person will feed and clean its cage, give it water and play with it every day and then that person will switch with another person that the teacher picks then the next person then the next .Then it will go on and on in till the end of the school year .And sometimes two people will do it at once, or the teacher will do it. Then on the weekends the teacher would come to school!
                The environment can be a kitten, a hamster, a bunny, and a turtle or a lizard that is the quietest animals for pets unless there is more. That is fine because we need all the quiet when we are working. Another environment is a fish! They are one of the quiet animals on earth! Well maybe not but they are a good class pet!
                The class pet I think is the best is the fish because I had a fish and they did not make a peep! So they were really quiet! A turtle is the seconded best pet ever I did not have one. But I bet they are quiet.  The third best pet is a hamster they are a little bit loud but they are quit most the time.
                That is what I think, if you think of something else that is completely fine with me well I want any of those animals so you’re good. I think we should get fish most of all because we need all the quiet if we are working on a test. And if are class got a loud pet we would need to put she or he outside of the classroom or we could lock the little door and the teacher would keep the key where the students that had to feed and clean the pets cage could find it.
Marisa R. Zamora


November 27, 2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Dear ,mom  I  need  Brasses  Because  My  teeth  are  Bad  and  I  have  Cavateas.  We  should  censiter  saving  money  for  Brasses .  they  cost  3,000  Dollars  for  1 pair  of  them . to  be  Black  and  silver  because  it  is  my  favrit  coler.  My  teeth  are  yellow.  I  am  not  Letting you  in  my  room  Untel  I  get  my  Brasses.  I Layers  on  my  teeth  and  I  can’t  get  them  off.  It  Is  grose.  My  teeth  are  rilly  grosse.  It  will  leave  yellow  spots  on  my  teeth.  I  have  craced  teeth  and  will  leave  plack  on  my  teeth  would  Be  disguting.  I  eat  to  much  junck  food  and  I  will  stop  eating  junk  food  If  you  do.  I  will  eat  apels  and  oranges  and  stuff  like  that.  I  will  brush  my  teeth  beter.  It  will  help  a  lot  beter  after  that.  I  will  need  a  retainer  and  It  will  poboly  be  orange  The  retainer  will  carry  a  lot  of  spit  but  I  will  Clean  it.  It  will  be  grose.  Yuk  bla.   It  will  probly  tast  like  metel  it  will  look  like  I  have  bumps  In  my  teeth.  But  it  will  help  keep  my  teeth  strat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sincerely, 
 your Daughter                                                                                                                                     kaylie 

Matthew V.

            November 13, 2012
Dear Mr. Cook,
            I strongly believe that our class would benefit from having several iPads to increase our use of technology in the classroom. We can use the iPads for projects like science, math, and social studies projects .I am really dying to have iPads in our classroom because we only have to computer to use right now.
We can use the iPads when we are publishing and writing and we can put important notes on the classroom blog.    We can use them to find free apps on the app store to read on. We can improve our reading if we find chapter books that there are some words that we don’t know and look them on the iPads. Instead of our teacher spending money we can get free books off the app store.
We would use it to read and we can take turns reading stories off the iPads. We would need them if there’s a word that a word that we don’t know .But before we can use the iPads we have see if two friends and if they don’t know ask the teacher   to use it. Usually students don’t ask two other they just go to the teacher. But most of the time students use dictionaries.    We can take pictures on a special event and they can be in the yearbook and the classroom blog .We can take the pictures and print them out get a piece of tape and put them around the room. We can take videos and put them on our classroom blog.    
Please consider to let us have iPads in our classroom. We would need them to get better in learning. We would need them to increase our learning and make the iPads station for us to use in our classroom to let us have free time.       

Matthew Vogel


November 14, 2012
Dear Mrs. McBride,        

I am very disappointed that no one has thought about making the Mossman P.E bigger. This would help people a lot. We could have more items for P.E too.

Any left over money could be used for more items. the more items we have the more games we could add. We could also buy new equipment for everyone.

A bigger P.E means more exercise. Exercising would help stay healthy. Unhealthy people have more chances of being sick. Being sick is not good!
If we had a bigger P.E we could have more items and with more items means we could have more games. One game I think we should add is soccer because we do almost every sport but soccer. Soccer is a very easy sport to teach because it doesn’t have many rules.

The only way to solve this problem is by letting people donate to the Mossman P.E. allowing people to donate money to the Mossman P.E would help a lot Or using the money from box tops.
Jackson Stewart


 December 3, 2012

 Dear Mr. Cook,

I think most kids would like  having  ipads to use in school. We could use ipads to learn  how to  Use   more technology. Students could learn by using math science social studies reading and writing apps to increase our learning.
We can blog in are class or with other classes. It would make a big different  to have ipads in school. We could learn more and instead of using paper all the time we could get writing apps. To publish our writing online on our classroom blog.
We could learn we can get math reading science social studies apps so we
Can learn lots of more. About those subjets. And instead of all ways using paper.
We can get a writing app. And publish your writing online on our classroom blog a blog back and forth. We would learn lots more and we can get math apps reading apps science apps social studies. Because so the teacher don’t have to all ways make games for us.
Having an ipad would give our class many more opportunities to continue learning in all subject areas through the use of technology. Miss Reynolds could use the ipad to help us work in small groups, independently, or even attach it to our lumens to teach our whole class donating a couple of ipads to our class so we can continue our learning using technology thank you for your consideration

                                                                                                                        Keaton Smith